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Owner change for .PT domains

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If you're not Portuguese, and you want to transfer a domain to a new owner, please use the following template letter and send it to

Statement to be filled by the actual Domain Owner:

.PT Domain - Change of Ownership Statement

I, [ACTUAL_DOMAIN_OWNER_NAME] , with the ID Number [FISCAL_OR_ID_NUMBER_OF_ACTUAL_OWNER] and Nic-Handle [NIC-HANDLE_ACTUAL_OWNER] , hereby assign ownership/authorize the transfer of the domain “[NOMEDODOMINIO].pt” in favor of [NAME_OF_NEW_OWNER], with Fiscal/ID Number [FISCAL_OR_ID_NUMBER_OF_NEW_OWNER] and Nic-Handle [NIC-HANDLE_OF_NEW_OWNER].


Declaration to be filled by the new domain owner:

.PT Domain - Change of Ownership Statement

Following the declaration of transfer of the domain "[NAME_OF_DOMAIN].pt" sent to DNS.PT by the current owner, as the future owner of the domain "[NAME_OF_DOMAIN]" we inform that we accept the subscription to the arbitration agreement on the resolution of conflicts over domain names, as described in Article 38 Arbitration, of the Regulation for .PT domain registration.

Data: [DATE]


You should also send a digitalized copy of the actual owner ID Card attached to your e-mail.

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